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You Need at Your Disposal – The Sharpest Marketing Consultant to Outsmart Your Competitors, Get You to The Top and Keep You There



What would it mean to your business if you could learn the hidden secrets, when implemented could double your sales in as little as 30 days for free, without risk.


I’m not talking about waving a magic wand and hoping for the best or doing anything illegal or even unethical.


But simply using methods that have been in existence long before the invention of the internet, using marketing strategies that have made business owners many millions of dollars as early as the year 1887.


That’s right. Not 1987 but 1887.


Keep reading to discover why some businesses are making millions of dollars, pounds and euros, and how your business could be making just as much money doing exactly what they do.


You need to use the sharpest marketing consultant in the industry to get your business to the top and keep you there.


What Does It Take to Generate the Kind of Sales Many Businesses Can Only Dream About?


Chicago was a thriving city in America during the early years. Mail order was and still is big business, it had taken root there, largely owing to the influence of a person named E C Allen.


Allen’s magazine company was responsible for the largest circulation of mail order ads in the 1880’s generating tens to hundred’s of millions of dollars in product sales. [Source:] The Man Who Sold America


Lets imagine for a moment that you have a product to sell. A child’s toy, between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.


Your ideal prospect would be to target parents who have children between the ages of 3 and 5 years.


The reason for this, you don’t want to send a mail campaign to anyone who doesn’t have children or to parents with children outside of that age group. It’s not going to appeal to the person receiving the offer.


Money would have been wasted on the postage. If you are sending thousands of pieces or a few hundred thousand it becomes a costly and unnecessary experience.


It’s amazing at the number of businesses that ignore this principle.


If you have failed to gather enough information about the type of person you’re trying to sell products to, and end up spending a few thousand dollars or even thousands of pounds on mailing offers to potential prospects, only to discover that no one is buying.


Your going to believe that direct mail doesn’t work and decide to quit sending mail. That would be a big mistake.


There’s No Better Selling Media Than Direct Response Mail, You Must Get Involved.


Here’s why!


Direct response mail is the best form of media for generating the most amount of revenue. If sales from TV, Radio, billboards the Internet, including all the social media sites added together. Direct response mail would still make more sales than all of them combined.


The reason for this is because direct response speaks directly to the prospect. It gives compelling reasons why the prospect should choose to do business with you instead of your competitor especially if you have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).


Direct response mail explains all the benefits about your product or service and how it will help the prospect improve their lives, solve a problem, save or make money. The list of benefits are endless.


It also provides a money-back guarantee or special warranty period including bonuses.


There’s a strong call to action telling the prospect what to do next, which could be to call, visit the place of business or complete the order and return it by post with the coupon for a one time exclusive offer, which must be received by a specific date or lose out on the deal.


There are many exciting ways how special offers and deals can be created that encourages prospects to accept your offer resulting in a stampede of sales.


This is something Paul Jones International has mastered. It’s based on proven results modelled from the sharpest marketing consultants on the planet.


Theses results are not based on theory or any kind of guess work. They are actual results that have been produced for real businesses. These strategies are working right now and you need to be apart of it.


You must only send direct mail to your ideal prospects. These are people best suited to buy your products or services. Therefore it’s important that you know what the market place wants and provide it to them.


The easiest way to get that answer is to simply ask them what they need and give to them.


The biggest problems many businesses suffer are the lack of customers, converting existing customers into buyers and soliciting those customers so they continue the buying cycle over and over.


Having the best product or service does little for your bottom line if no one knows about what’s being offered, or you are unable to convert the offers into sales.


If you can’t get your message out to a mass audience, your competitors will leave you in the shadows with little to no business. If you can’t make sales you can’t survive. To make sales you must be able to market effectively.


That’s pretty obvious you might be thinking but!


How Can Your Company Double Sales Within 30 Days?


I’ll explain a little later.


The first thing that must be established is. “Are there enough people who want the products or services you have to offer?


The question sounds easy enough to grasp but is so easily overlooked.


It takes much more than just setting up a website with pretty products, or writing several paragraphs of the type of services provided, and placing a few ad words on Google.


Now, I have nothing personally against Google. In fact, I recommend the use of ad words because if you design an effective campaign, execute it with precision; it can generate a very healthy return.


But you truly need to understand how to make an ad convert, which means having an understanding of what the market place desires. Get it wrong and your ad campaign will be lost in space.


Opening a shop or a practice in a busy location might be something you have done or considered, in the hope that people will enter the premises because there’s so much passing traffic.


That’s just wishful thinking, which doesn’t equate to sales.


Give Prospects Patients and Clients Exactly What They Want and You Will Have More Business Than You Can Handle Without The Worry of Competition



Wouldn’t it be easier if you had something to sell that people actually wanted, rather than selling something that you happen to love in the vain hope that people will flock in their droves to buy your offerings?


Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but prospects and customers don’t care about what you may or may not like. It’s not about you. It needs to be about your prospects, patients and clients and what they want.


Therefore, to set you up on the right path from the get go, and be in a strong position to double sales.


You need to fish where the fish are. Plus you need to know what your market place actually requires, then provide the products or services they want. Some basic but intelligent research must be obtained.


But let’s be straight with each other starting right now. If you are looking for plug-and-play, make-money-while-you-sleep software, or some other kind of gets rich quick scheme, this is definitely not that kind of service and I would politely encourage you to look elsewhere.


You are going to learn some very powerful marketing techniques; strategies, plus you will acquire a great deal of knowledge that you can take immediate action with.


This is not going to be for every business and its better suited for businesses with a minimum sales turnover of $50 million.


On The Other Hand, If  You Want The Truth About How Business Empires Are Built, Scaled, And Sustained Over The Long Haul, This Is Definitely For You?


If you currently have an online business, a brick and mortar business, or provides professional services, or have just wondered how and why some people make fortunes while others fail miserably trying to market products or services.


This is going to be one eye-opening experience. You are in the perfect place to achieve your goals and take your business to higher heights.


Its important to identify characteristics that make-up your ideal prospect. The more characteristics that you have, for example, like, age group, gender, income, property owner, marital status, vehicle owner, etc. The easier it will be to find them using a list broker.


What’s a List Broker?


The job of a list broker is to provide detailed specific information about the type of prospects best suited, and most likely to buy your products or services.


Including any that have previously purchased through direct mail. (You might be more familiar with the term, Junk Mail, which is the same thing).


When you send mailings to such individuals. The mailings are known as direct response mail, because you are encouraging the prospect to respond to a fantastic opportunity, that they are unable to get from anywhere else apart from you.


Prospects that have been correctly targeted are more likely to show an interest resulting in a higher conversion percentage.


Also, direct response mail can be tracked. Meaning you know exactly what location the sale came from, the percentage conversions, the sales piece used that converted the sale, the headline that grabbed the attention of the reader and many other trackable variables.


This is the only median that can be used to get such detailed sales information. Institutional advertising is not as effective as direct response advertising, and those results cannot be tracked.


10 Critical Marketing Mistakes Your Business Is Making And How You Can Improve Them – Save Time, Cash And Increase Revenues!


Marketing mistake number two will provide important information about why you should stop using institutional advertising immediately, and switch to direct response advertising only if you are serious about increasing your sales sooner rather than later.


If you have provided the list broker with as much information as possible about your ideal prospects, he will find those prospects that best match the characteristics you selected.


This is clever marketing and the fastest way to boast sales, because you are targeting people who are highly qualified to buy your products or services. They have also indicated that they have purchased similar items in the past, and will purchase again in the future.


If you are not doing this already, you are leaving lots of money on the table. Even worse, its money your competitors will claim.


Strategies To Rapidly Improve Your Business And Plug The Holes You Can’t Fix?


To double sales within 30 days. There are many marketing strategies that must be addressed. Paul Jones will also explain how to plug the holes that’s costing your business revenue that you’re unable to fix.


As a marketing consultant, Paul will help your business increase sales within 30 days. He will consult with you on the strategies to be implemented, how they must be implemented, and the order in which each method must be done.


Should your business qualify? You will get a $5,000 strategy session free.



The purpose of the strategy session is to get an understanding of any marketing strategies you have used including strategies that may not have worked.


The top three problems you are unable to solve with solutions to those problems. What you would like to achieve and where you want your business to be in the next 12 months?


You will also be provided with two cash pulling referral systems that can generate tens of thousands of dollars if implemented. Most companies don’t have any referral systems. A value of $2,000.
Plus you will also be provided with a single marketing strategy that will explain how to drive more traffic to your business. You can implement it into your business today.


Why Are We Giving You A Free Strategy Session ?


Many years ago when I wanted to be a professional football player. I got rejected from all of the premiership clubs and the majority of football agents. There was a Fifa agent by the name of Mark Steele, who was prepared to send me to a professional club for a weeks trial without ever seeing if I could even play.


We sopke over the phone for about 20 minutes. During that conversation I explained to hime how well I could play and how easy it was to go past 3 or 4 players and still keep possession of the ball. He was convinced that I was worth taking a chance. Everything I said to him during that  call was true.


I was offered a helping hand that might have changed my family’s life including mine forever.


There was another situation when the 25-year-old recovery vehicle broke down on the same day I purchased it back in 2011.


I had no more money after filling it up with fuel, or any other means to get the vehicle recovered or even pay for repairs. I didn’t even have money to take public transport to get home and I was at least 30-40 miles away from home. It was late at night and very cold.


A recovery vehicle happened to be approaching. I remember saying to myself how it would be nice if I had breakdown assistance, and this was my ride home but the driver soon whizzed past.


Several minutes later the same driver came back. He offered not only to recovery my vehicle but to take it to his workplace, have a mechanic fix it the same night even though I couldn’t afford for the recovery or the repairs.


That kind gentleman, by the name of Chips. He got my vehicle recovered and repaired free of charge. This is the reason why I want to provide as much goodwill as possible to you, because I believe if you do good for others, in time, others will do good for you.


I want to provide goodwill because people who I’ve never met or previously spoken to have been extremely generous towards me. This is a way of given back. I’m passionate about helping people succeed with their businesses.


I have the desire to help and will always have the desire to provide as much goodwill people.


I’m in a unique position to make a difference with the expertise acquired from my superstar mentors. Through my experiences I know just how much a helping hand can be appreciated and the positive effects it can have.


What Will You Learn Within 30 Days To Double Sales?


Paul Jones has been studying and learning the very best marketing strategies known to mankind since 2014.


Although a short time to be considered an expert, what makes Paul unique and as sharp as a tact is. He has learnt skills from the very best marketing minds on the planet and mentored by Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy and Ryan Deiss, and Russell Brunson.


Days and nights have been spent reading, analysing, fine-tuning, and repeating the process over and over again with meticulous attention to detail.


Understanding and being exposed to multi million dollar-marketing strategies that have already been tested and proven to work.


The same strategies used by Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Ted Nicholas and Ryan Deiss. You will learn them too from Paul Jones.


These guys are very good at what they do and Jay Abraham is considered the best marketing consultant in the world.


Jay is responsible for more than $10.5 billion dollars of sales for his clients, working with more than 465 different industries, which equates to serving more than 13,000 companies.


When you learn marketing strategies as I have from the top marketing consultant on the planet, like Jay and his respected counter-parts. Generating such large revenues, you will benefit from the strategies that will change the way you do business forever.


I will work for your business free of charge for 30 days to prove the knowledge I’ve acquired works. You get results in advance without having to pay any consulting fees or waste time with ineffective strategies that don’t work or produce meniscal results.


You get to learn the strategies used by the sharpest marketers in the world at zero risk to your business. Paul Jones will consult with you all the way until you see profits.


You Get To Learn Multi-Million Dollar Strategies Proven to Work From The Best Marketers Alive Taught by Paul Jones International


Ted Nicholas, responsible for over $7 billion (£4.4 billion) in sales, writing sales copy for his clients worldwide. Jay Abraham. Considered to be the number one marketing consultant in the world. Responsible for more than $10.5 billion in sales for his clients.


Dan Kennedy, a 42-year marketing consultant and copywriter veteran. Responsible for more than $1 billion in sales for small and medium sized businesses, using his No BS marketing strategies. He is the author of the No BS series of marketing books, which can be found at: http://nobsbooks.com/


Frank Kern. The only Internet Marketing Consultant ever reported to have made one of his clients $18 million (£13.6 million) in less than 24 hours.


These are the mentors Paul Jones has studied from and continues to study marketing strategies, while most marketing consulting companies do not see the need for their employees to study successfull marketing straegies that are proven to work.


Paul has had the privilege to study and learn concepts used to teach clients who amass insane amounts of life changing fortunes.


Paul Jones is committed to helping small and medium sized businesses, double sales using only marketing strategies that are proven to work.


This is achieved using simple concepts to leverage money that has been assigned to advertising and marketing campaigns to increase response and conversion rates.


And turning overlooked undervalued assets into profitable streams of income on a continuous and consistent basis.


There are a handful of known marketing consultants with the exception of the superstars such as, Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, and Frank Kern, who have the expertise knowledge and skill set to double the revenues of a business.


But, you will not find any that will work for 30 days for Free, without charging a fee, plus allow you to keep all the profits generated during that time.


I know this because I have done the research. Paul Jones International is the only company that will assume the risk, work for 30 days without charging any consulting fees and not take any profits from the sales generated.


Why Would We Do That?


There are three good reasons for this. Firstly to prove to you that our strategies work .


Secondly, during those 30 days you will get the opportunity to know, like and trust the name Paul Jones International, without having to risk paying any fees while we get you results in advance.


And thirdly, you will be so thrilled with the results that you will want to become a consulting client of ours on a long-term basis, so we can continue to increase your profits.


What Would Life Be Like if You Had a Marketing Consultant That Could Help You With the Implementation Of Successful Winning Strategies On A Consistent Basis?



Just think how much more enjoyable life will become for you, your family and the people you employ, when you have the knowledge to double and triple sales, and to be able to do this on a consistent basis.


With the additional profits made, you can send your children to the best private school’s and the top universities. You will be in a very strong position to provide your children with the best start in life with every possibility of succeeding.


You can pay-off your mortgage or purchase that dream home you have been thinking about but until now only remained a dream. Well that dream is no more. It’s now a reality.


How about starting a new business or expanding an existing business. Well, now you can and you don’t have to rely on obtaining business loans or other means of financing.


Heck, you can pay-off all outstanding loans without having to wait until many years have passed before it’s paid.


There’s nothing better than being free to do anything you desire knowing you have no limitations. In fact, the only limitation would be your imagination.


How About Knowing The Right Moves to Make, To Keep You Ahead of The Competition   Without Any Guess Work?


The possibility to live a truly remarkable life starts today. No more financial hardship. Think of all those wonderful things you always wanted to do but couldn’t, because of limitations.


You no longer have any of those problems, because you have in your corner an astute marketing consultant, providing you with invaluable information not even your competitors will know.


And even if they were aware of one or two of the strategies, they certainly wouldn’t know how to implement them.


Its now your turn to join the many thousands of businesses that are using direct response advertising and all the other clever marketing strategies and techniques to put their businesses in a class of its own, and make insane amounts of profits to dominate their markets.


Here Are Some of The Strategies You Will Learn That Will Double Sales Within 30 Days



A little peak at some of the goodies waiting to make your business the dominant leader and the only logical option why prospects should choose to do business with you instead of your competitors.


You would be doing your business a great disservice if you let this golden opportunity pass you by.


You must take action Now. I made this short video for you. You can watch it here


  • Why It’s Essential To Have A USP? –

    A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) distinguishes your business from the competition.


       It explains why your prospect should choose to do business with you as opposed to every available          
competitor in your niche including doing nothing.


  • Why You Should Use Direct Response Mail to Sell Products or Services? –

    The majority of ads on TV/Radio, in magazines, newspapers and billboards, are institutional type advertisements.


It offers no benefit or promise to the prospect, patient or client. It does not direct the listener or reader to take action and it doesn’t encourage any buying decisions.


This is a mistake of epic proportions. The intension of direct response mail is to evoke an immediate response, call to action or get the reader or viewer to call, visit or make a purchase.


Direct response mail out-sells all other types of media including sales generated from the Internet.


  • How You Can Use Upsells and Resells to Boost Profits? –

    At the point of purchase or immediately after the sale.


Offer another product or service which is more expensive and related to the item already purchased.


You can offer a special discount if the item is purchased right now, but will not be available at any other time. You will learn how to do this the right way and benefit from it.


  • Why It’s Important to Understand The Marginal Net Worth of a Customer? –

    One of the most important things you will ever do for your company is to ethically exploit the marginal net worth of a customer.


When you know the marginal net worth, it will be easy to know exactly how much you can spend to acquire new customers.


Most companies do not know how to do this and can lose a lot of money with customer acquisitions. You won’t have this problem.


  • How Reinforcing Your USP in Every Aspect of Your Marketing Will Make Your Company The Only Option For Your Prospects

    Using a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) versus not using one.


This can mean the difference in many millions of dollars or pounds being left on the table for your competitors to take advantage of. You will learn how to successfully integrate a USP when speaking to prospects, customers, clients and patients.


  • How You Can Effectively Use a USP to Create Repeat Sales? –

    You will learn a simple strategy using a USP that gently encourages the customer to repeatedly buy from you again and again.


In addition to this you also learn a top secret not even your competitors will know that enhances customers loyalty and value to your business.


  • How You Can Generate Huge Unfound Profits With A Customer Reactivation System? –

    Many companies and business owners spend large sums to attract prospects, patients and clients.


When they become a customer after purchasing an item and unlikely to return, they tend not to solicit those customers again.


Instead they spend more money to acquire new customers. You will discover how to reactivate inactive customers. This can add 40-150% in profits.


  • How to Get Customers to Overcome Post Purchase Reassurance?

Selling products or services successfully on a continued basis, can be frustrating for business owners when they do not have a proven marketing strategy. All are faced with similar challenges. In the eye of the consumer, getting them to overcome the fear of making the wrong buying decision, the fear of paying too much or the fear of not receiving the appropriate value for their money.


There’s good news. One of two things can be achieved to remove any
scepticism or fear of making the wrong buying decision at point of sale.


You will learn exactly what needs to be done. Business owners are unaware of
the process.


This is the difference between keeping what you sell sold and
getting the people who you’ve sold to so excited that they’ll continue to
purchase again and again resulting in steady streams of income.


  • How to Create a Mailing List To sell More Products or Services? 

    Most businesses do not have a mailing list and some of them do not understand its importance.


The purpose of a list is to offer potential customers something of value that helps them solve a particular problem while providing goodwill and value.


You need to acquire the prospects email address. You should also provide some form of value in exchange for it. Simply asking them to just sign-up for a newsletter doesn’t work anymore.


Once you have the email address and are able to provide lots of value. You start to develop trust and authority. When the time is right to offer your list an item for sale, they will be more likley to buy it.


A small mailing list of just three or four thousand can generate millions of dollars, pounds or euros in sales. You will discover step by step how to create a mailing list and have customers buying from you.


You can find all the information you need to discover how you your business can benefit as a consulting client of Paul Jones International.


Your marketing efforts will be more effective and profitable with us onboard providing you with the right expertise, guidance and marketing strategies. Watch this short video here, and see what we can do for you.