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You Need To Improve Your Conversions


What does it take to improve my conversion rates and what needs to be done to be able to successfully convert lead after lead?


Most businesses have some form of a funnel to convert leads. This is known as a lead conversion funnel or a conversion optimizer.


Now, some of those funnels are quite capable of generating and converting leads, but for the majority of the time it’s more hit and miss. The systems that they use are not optimized or set up to really take advantage in the number of prospects that visit their websites, and turning those prospects into buyers.


A system is a proven process that works all the time every time. If you were going to invest time in using a conversion optimizer, wouldn’t you want a funnel that’s going to capture and convert more leads then it looses.



For Every Unconverted Lead That Passes You By is Lost Revenue



Once the lead has gone, the prospect is unlikely to return. You need to have an effective system that works like clockwork.


If you are going to invest time and money on a conversion optimizer, it’s best to spend your money on the most effective system that you can afford that is likely to yield results. There is no point in using equal amounts of time and money on something that performs sporadically.


Our goal for you is to create a conversion funnel that lowers the cost of acquisition while simultaneously increasing immediate and lifetime customer value, and improving your conversion rates.


Look at the cost as an investment not as an expense, because it’s something that will increase sales and grow your business.


We have a system that gets you more leads, more customers and more sales. That is what a well-executed funnel allows you to do. You don’t want a system that may or may not work, but a system that constantly yields results.

At the end of the day, the goal is to convert leads into sales, not to find out if you might get a handful of sales.



Customer Acquisition is One Of The Biggest Expenses A Business Assumes



The more money you can spend to acquire a customer, the greater your chances of beating your competitor and winning.


No matter how great your product or service is, even if your competitor has an inferior product or service compared to what you offer the market. If they spend more money on customer acquisition then you, they will get more customers to purchase their goods instead of yours.


However, if you are spending a great deal of money and not converting more leads than the amount it’s costing you to obtain a customer, you have a problem, which will eventually get bigger and bigger.


The problem will eventually become so big, that once your expenditure exceeds your sales, you will no longer have a business.


When you have a conversion funnel that constantly turns leads into sales, you have a business that not only thrives, but a business that can grow. A growing business is a healthy business. Your business must be growing. Business growth is essential to survival.


The best businesses are the ones that should be the winners, but far to often that’s not how it turns out. What seems to happen is, the companies that are able to get the big investments are the businesses that can spend the most amount of money to acquire leads and get the sales.


They are not the ones that necessarily deserve to win. When you understand how to build a solid conversion funnel that consistently converts into sales, you can win, you can win if you spend the most or if you are the best. Paul Jones International has you covered.



It’s Best To Use A Funnel That’s Going To Get Results And Get Them Quickly



We know how to produce conversion funnels that get results. We can get you results too, and we will show you how to do it so you can win in your market. You can and will be the dominant force if you choose.


We use system that will get you more leads, and convert more leads into sales. The system has a number of different phases, like lead magnets. Something that will attract prospects to your products or services quickly.


The use of a simple trip wire, this is something that gets them to purchase something relatively low cost in order for you to present your more expensive items on the back end, including how to get them coming back more often with a return path?


The different phases are designed to ascertain whether or not, along with the clever strategies deployed, will tell you, if the item for sale is something that your market actually wants.


Besides, the whole purpose of having a conversion funnel is very much dependent on having items that you’re market place wants, and the way in which you communicate such offerings. Get it wrong and your funnel will not convert or convert poorly.


Using a conversion funnel will increase your success rate. It’s something you shouldn’t be without, especially if your competitors have it and you don’t. You need to be in a winning position, to be in that position you need our help to create your conversion funnel.


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When you become a client of Paul Jones International, you will know how to improve your conversion rate, get more sales, bigger profits and a stampede of raving fans, predisposed to buy your products and services again and again.