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You Need More Sales


For some professionals the weakest link in the chain is prospecting when chasing after sales leads. However the task becomes so much easier when you have a product or service that solves a problem for the prospect, but for the majority of the time sales people detest prospecting.


Unfortunately over time consumers have been lied to, deceived and received inferior products and services when promised otherwise. Naturally, they have been increasingly skeptical and resilient towards sales people. This is why it has become more difficult obtaining sales leads.


Try to understand that people do not like to be sold. Whenever they’re approached with a sales pitch. The radar senses are quickly activated only for the salesperson to hear those dreaded words, ‘no thank you’ at the end of the presentation if they’re lucky enough to make it that far.


Prospecting Becomes More Difficult Without A Lead Generation System


As a consequence salespeople hate prospecting and tend to only engage if circumstances become so extreme that no other situation presents itself. But when they do engage, more often than not, the process is executed poorly which fails to generate any kind of sales leads.


Let’s looks at it from another perspective. Time is something that is precious. It can’t be saved or stored. Once it goes past you can’t get any of it back. With that in mind, why would you choose to waste something so valuable talking to people who are unqualified to say yes or resistant to any type of sales pitch.


This also goes for people who are uninterested and even if they were, do not have the means to make the purchase. These types of people do not make good sales leads and can’t be sold.


The best thing any sales professional should do is concentrate on positioning. When you position yourself, what you are essentially doing is allowing highly qualified prospects to find out what you have to offer, and come to you to obtain expert assistance that will best solve their problems.


You are seen as an expert advisor. This approach encourages stronger sales leads. It’s a process your competitors will not be doing.


If You Can Position Yourself As An Expert Advisor, You Have The Power to
Remove Sales Resistance That Can Destroy Sales


We all have an element of sales resistance whenever approached to be sold something. When you cleverly position yourself as an expert advisor. You remove that resistance which in many cases can destroy the sale.


The prospect that has sought you out amongst a crowd of many, now perceives you as the expert. They’re no longer resistant because, they don’t feel that you are trying to take something away from them, but rather as the person who is in the best and only position that will solve their problem.


Do you face a similar situation when chasing after cold leads, only to have the phone slammed down on you. Being told not interested or unable to get through to the decision maker because calls are screened and blocked by the receptionist, the secretary or some other gate keeper.


Why would you choose to pursue someone only to be perceived as an annoying pest instead of a welcomed guest, when trying to communicate with prospects?


Research has shown that throughout Europe, Canada and America. Many companies within the sales profession especially the insurance industry have an enormous turnover problem in their sales forces.


The problem these companies are all experiencing are identical. A new sales rep may begin his tenure with a handful of sales leads that will quickly get depleted. He now faces the difficult task of cold calling prospects. While in pursuit, they are often hung up on, refused access to the decision makers. They are even met with other obstacles preventing them from making sales.


The best sales people are not immune to this. They too are often rejected.


When the going gets tough for new sales reps with continued rejection from prospects. He soon quits, so it’s easy to see why the reps become discouraged. As each call gets more and more difficult. Fewer calls are made. They begin to do things that keep them away from the phone or off the road.


You may think the solution is to hire more experienced sales professionals with a higher resistance to rejection. But what happens when they become less immune, without sufficient sales people that use a system proven to generate highly qualified sales leads. You could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps even millions.


So what’s the solution?


Change The Entire Marketing and Sales Process With a Selling Experience That’s Pleasant For Both Prospect And Sales Professional


All industries have this problem. Most will continue to do the same things time after time. Replacing their sales forces with more sales people that seem to have bulletproof armory systems against rejection. This is counter-productive. It will not solve your problem.


Using a strategy provided by Paul Jones International to change your marketing and sales process is one of the best and most profitable strategies you can benefit from immediately.


Sales reps and professionals alike no longer have to pursue cold sales leads or become discouraged from cold calling. There is no longer fear from rejection because you will discover a strategy that can be used to be more efficient and successful while in pursuit.


Using a lead generation system is the answer to sustainable and increased sales. It’s also the answer to a stable sales force without the need for high turnovers.


Prospects are pre-disposed to accepting the sales reps proposition because they have raised their hand and sought you out as the expert advisor.


A lead generation systems states who should respond to your offer and who should not. What you have now are prospects qualified and ready to do business with you, because they have read your ad. They meet your requirements, have taken the next step and will be more likely to contact you to make a sale.


When you educate the prospect in your marketing material, and are able to explain why your product or service is superior to your competitors, how the prospect will benefit from what you’re offering, why they should favor your company as opposed to going elsewhere or doing nothing, why your price is higher or lower then the competition, are able to address their concerns, and remove their risk from doing business with you.


To the sales rep or professional. Closing the deal becomes effortless. The selling process is much more enjoyable for all parties concerned. Less selling is required, because the prospect has already been pre-sold through your marketing and lead generation if done correctly.


Using this strategy will greatly improve your company profits. Imagine how much more efficient your sales force will be with a system proven to work and guaranteed to get the best sales leads with a high percentage of conversions.


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