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You Need More Customers


Businesses of all sizes need more customers, or do they. Ask yourself this question. “How do I get more customers or do I need a marketing system that converts prospects, clients and patients into buyers”?


Marketing plays an important and key role in all businesses. Without it, it’s difficult to get more customers. If there are no customers there are no sales, and if there are no sales, a business cannot survive unless it receives a cash injection in the form of a loan, or some other type of investment. Even so, without sales the business is on borrowed time until those funds are depleted.


I don’t know how to get more customers. What should I do? Well it’s not that difficult to get more customers. Placing ads on Google, Facebook, Yahoo,Bing, email, newspapers, magazines TV or radio will help. But do you want potential customers that are just Lookey Loos or the type that are predetermined to buy your products or services, again and again.



The Single and Most Profitable Median For Generating a Buying Customer is To Use Direct Response Mail


What options are there on how to get more customers? There are several options. You only have to look as close at the various social media sites available and place some ads. But you can’t just do any kind of mediocre job. You need to follow a blueprint that’s proven to work.


There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel and doing something that you have no idea whether or not it’s going to be successful, you also need to have a system in place to track the results, unless you’re prepared to spend 6 or 7 figures on testing. Unfortunately most businesses do the same type of advertising that every other business in their field does, which yields little to no results.


They fall into the trap called institutional advertising. Jay Abraham identified this many years ago. What each of these businesses have in common, is they are all screaming the same thing as each other, which is, “Buy my stuff, Buy my stuff”, without no good reason why the prospect should favor that particular business.


They fail to give compelling reasons why they should be selected. It does nothing to distinguish one business over the other. There are no benefits the consumer could get excited over. There are no guarantees worth mentioning and solving a particular problem is non-existent.


So you could place ads on billboards in busy cities but what use will that be if no one looks up to see it. Lets face it. We all live busy lives and are always on the move trying to get from one destination to the next as quickly as possible. Just how much time do you think people have to look up at billboards when time is of the essence?


I could go on and on talking about the various types of advertising that could be used but how will that help you get the results you desire and need right now. It’s better to focus on a particular type of advertising that is likely to give you maximum return on investment then any billboard could ever do regardless of it’s size or location.


So tell me how to get more customers?


Simple. Direct response mail. It’s been in existence since before the 1800’s. Many business owners have used this form of selling method successfully generating many millions and and billions of dollars selling their own products and services in the mail directly to homes and businesses.


In the 1970’s before the birth of the Internet, David Ogilvy who was a British copywriter built his advertising company to the tune of $1.4 Billion using direct response mail. It was much harder during those years to make money because people had to go to the mailbox to post orders and also send their chques in.


However, it was the best way to reach a mass targeted audience. It doesn’t matter what product or service you provide. Direct response mail works well with any type of business.



Knowing How To Get More Customers is An Art Form That Can Be Easily Replicated If One Knows The Correct Steps And How To Implement Them


Imagine for a moment what would it mean to your business if you could get your message directly into the hands of an enormous number of people without fair of competition from other competitors?


What if those people were highly qualified to become your customers and have previously spent money on similar products in the past and were likely to purchase again in the future?


Lets take it a step better and up the anti. What if you could present your offer in such an attractive package, in a way that instantly grabs their attention, causing them to take immediate action leading to a sale, after they discovered the benefits that your product or service will solve better than any of your competitors can provide?


Imagine what it would feel like if your were to dominate your market and be the only choice why prospects choose to seek you out instead of anyone else.


Now think about this. You wouldn’t have to worry about the competition. You wouldn’t have to worry about the prospect surfing the net trying to find your business using one of your keywords.


Once your website can be seen by the prospect along with all the other competitor websites. It becomes easy for that person to become distracted by all the other options. They have now decided to go elsewhere in search of a better deal resulting in lost sales.


The wonderful thing about direct response mail, it allows you to present an irresistible offer with people all over the country at the same time in very large numbers.


Would You Like Your Cash Register To Ring Like a Continuous Bell?


All you need to do in order to get more customers; just obtain a list from a list broker containing characteristics of your ideal customers that are predetermined to buy your products or services.


Do you see how you can get more customers when you use direct response mail?


If this sounds a little confusing to understand or you’re new to this type of marketing and have no idea how to use it in your business. There’s good news.


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