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Using Social Media in Business


Sales, Tales, and Advertising in Today’s Market



Remember the day when infomercials ruled television? And splashy ads in the back of magazines were the most tempting impulse buys?



Remember when the Internet first started going public in the mid-nineties, using social media in business was almost, well, nonexistent.



We barely knew what chat rooms and basic ads on AOL were. But fast-forward to the present, and now, it’s imperative to the life of all business owners that they are living, breathing, and using social media in business.



I’m Ready for the 21st Century…HELP!



At Paul Jones International, we know that social media is the single most important platform available to business owners today. Did you know that dozens of links are integrated into almost every single blog, web page, and posting site you encounter? It’s almost option overload!



We literally have the option to share each page through ten or more social media site hot buttons, in vibrant colors and with logos.



So, by using social media in business, you are optimizing your revenue-generating opportunity, increasing your client reach, maximizing your ability to reel in new clients, and growing your business to more effectively serve your existing customers. And we can help you do all that…and more!



Getting an Early Start



When you think of getting ahead in the game, it generally means you need a leader to get you there, right? Not a natural leader? Have no fear.



We are ready to elevate your ideas and inspirations before others in similar fields, because we possess the “in-the-know” secrets regarding the latest trends and interests in a wide range of fields. Using social media in business just makes sense. It really does.



Ready for us to prove that to you? Simply read the information about (insert link) to understand exactly how we can increase your sales within 90 days. We consult with you on winning strategies, ensuring you have the best possibility to maximize your impact and reap the benefits. It’s a win-win for your business.



Increase Your Positioning With a Winning Ad



Ever seen an ad you wished was yours? You’ve probably thought to yourself, “Wow! That must’ve been so much work!” But with the right help, we can make it a cinch. When you need to get the word out to a large group of your target demographics, you will be most successful using social media in business.



At Paul Jones International, we aim to please, and you will never be disappointed, as we take all those calculated (and oh-so-rewarding) risks for you. That’s right! We will be working for FREE for you for 90 days.



Which means? You are completely risk-free! No consulting fees! No strategic risks! No “oops-it-didn’t-work” strategies! We ensure your business gets the recognition you deserve…every time!



Dizzy Yet?



Understanding the complex world of target marketing is a task best left to the professionals – yes, we mean us! Truly effective marketing campaigns have the backing of trusted, higher level marketing specialists who have your absolute best interests in mind. Ensuring that you are properly using social media in business is not as simple as you might think at first.



Each site has a different set of parameters, making it difficult to simply copy and paste your USP’s (Unique Selling Proposition) and offers from one to another. But wave good-bye to your dizziness!



We can cut the confusion like a ninja, resolving any doubt that may be lingering. How? Find out more about taking your earning potential to the next level here (insert link).



Now, to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition, you need to Learn The 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Business Is Making And How You Can Avoid Them.



I’m Ready!


You’ve already thought about using social media in business, haven’t you? So what held you back? Did you think you needed to be trained in HTML or other programming code in order to successfully market your business? The answer is NO!






Because we will take care of all of the details, so you can rest assured that you are receiving noting but the absolute highest quality of service possible.



There are many options to enhance your reach, and at Paul Jones International, we are experts in identifying exactly what you need to steer your marketing campaign toward success. How can you pass on a team of professionals who you can really trust? It’s simple… you just can’t!



CONVINCED of the truly remarkable IMPACT using
social media in business can have on all your marketing needs?



Allow Paul Jones to get you Results in ADVANCE



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