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Social Media Marketing for Business Growth Today and Beyond


Have you found yourself struggling to meet your desired customer base? With so many ways to market your business in the 21st century, it can be a challenge to create effective strategies for social media marketing for business growth.


With such a diverse variety of businesses in the marketplace, you must either pay for the opportunity to be heard or generate a large enough following to be noticed on your own merits.


However, with a professional like Paul Jones International in charge of your social media and marketing needs, you are guaranteed greater success in your business. As we step in, managing your marketing requirements with optimum results.



Add To Your Value – And Get Noticed
Amongst The Sea Of Many



So, let’s get started. There are several key steps to implementing a powerful social media marketing for business growth campaign – with the first being the option to pay for sponsored ads.



A sponsored ad casts your net far and wide, showing off a snapshot of what your business has to offer. You want your “offering” to be very crisp and clear to your target audience. Many of the major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon sell these sponsored ads, with several tiers of payout options, allowing your ads to appear with increasing frequency based on your overall investment.



We make it simple. We tell you exactly how to compose winning ads that, once in circulation, increase your overall viewership and encourage the prospect, patient, or client to take a specific action – such as visiting your place of business, placing an order, or returning a special discount coupon, etc.



Do you truly want to stand out and get noticed amongst a crowd of many? Then take action today! Let’s face it – unless you’re doing something extraordinary to get noticed, you’ll forever remain ordinary with an ordinary sales income. And who wants to settle for that?



Take a look at this video. If your company qualifies to work with us as a consulting client, you will learn strategies that will double your sales in 30 days.



But that’s just a small tip of the iceberg. All the goodies can be found at (insert link). Be sure NOT to skip any of this invaluable information because the more you know about the process, the sooner you’ll be in a unique position where the competition is chasing after YOU instead of you chasing after the competition.



Content Is (and Always Will be) King



Another important consideration when designing your personal plan to utilize social media marketing for business growth is the frequency of content posted to your pages. It is important to understand your demographics and how frequently your customers interact with their social media accounts in order to substantially boost your potential for business growth.



As our client, we guide you in the direction your marketing content should take, providing specific strategies which are directly applicable to the expansion of your client base. Teamwork is key, as you want to optimize your customer base, and we can deliver measurable results through our marketing genius.



Variety Is Necessary



Mundane and predictable content kills businesses. It is 100% necessary to create a variety of content from images to introductory offers, along with videos, surveys, product information, and inspirational messages to build and maintain your audience.



By sharing success stories and positive feedback, you build trust with your customers and clients.



This is where outsourcing can greatly benefit your company. By working with Paul Jones International to manage your social media marketing for business growth, you have the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business – like your customer relationships – and stay ahead of the game.



Strategize For Success



Social media marketing for business growth is integral in today’s fast paced business world and helps you exponentially grow and expand your business into a greater version of your own “success vision.”



Creating a solid foundation of strategies and taking advantage of Facebook’s community oriented public pages can add a whole other dimension to your plan of utilizing social media marketing for business growth. Creating a public, open space allows you to connect directly with your customers and clients, giving them a more personal interface in which to connect with you.



This allows them to include their input, ideas, inspirations, and thoughts, along with assisting you in understanding exactly what your target demographic needs. At Paul Jones International, we are experts at assisting you in laying the strategic foundation upon which to build lasting client relationships.



Don’t Wait…Stay Up-To-Date



Keeping up with relevant content is another powerful aspect of building upon your personal goals while using social media marketing for business growth. By streamlining your content and maintaining similar themes in each post, you will maintain a relevant, “in-tune-with-you” audience.



This gives your client base confidence in the skills you possess and services you offer, by simply showing you can be consistent with your style of delivery and choice of content. We help provide you with a more direct path to your target audience – bringing the utmost efficiency within your marketing reach.



As you can see, social media marketing for business growth is a powerful tool within your business plan, and our professional services at Paul Jones International are well worth the investment, every time. Taking your social media marketing for business growth to the next level, with our unique service offerings brings you one step closer to realizing your dream of expanding your target client base…today!



Social Media Marketing Can Bring To Your Business?



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