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How to Market Your Business Making Global Connections


Own your own business? Then you know marketing is a key mover in “greasing the gears” of your business success. In order to build brand awareness, you must first learn how to market your business. So, where do you start?



There’s a vast array of marketing companies out there to choose from; however, it’s important to choose the company which best suites your unique marketing needs. With a professional taking hold of your marketing plan reigns, you will begin to fully understand how to market your business in the most strategic ways possible.



How Can WE Help YOU?



The global market is truly open now, in a way it has never been before. Which means? It’s a very exciting time to choose to begin or grow your business.



However, when considering how to market your business, you must consider all angles. Who is your target audience? What channels are you going to utilize? Have you created a unique logo and a USP?



Does your website stack up against the competition? Does it provide information on how it can solve your prospects or customers problems?



Does it provide any benefits or explain why they should choose to buy your products or services instead of purchasing it elsewhere, should they choose not to take action or even choose to do business with your competitors?



Is there a strong call to action or is your website ordinary providing no good reason why you should be sought out as the chosen one?



All of these questions, which can become overwhelming for an existing business owner, are right in our wheelhouse at Paul Jones International.



We have accrued the knowhow and connections to build your marketing campaigns into a stable, beneficial, and very lucrative part of your business.



When We Say Market, We Mean Global



Finding a dedicated company to serve your marketing needs may appear to present a significant challenge, until you understand exactly what they have to offer. When we reach out, our reach expands across all geographical barriers.



We understand that in today’s modern market, the digital age offers limitless possibilities for you and your business – which we can help, reign in.



When you are ready to learn how to market your business, you will have marketing professionals with a broad worldview at your full disposal.



Finding Your Niche



Ready to envision your business as a success? There are several factors you need to identify in order to understand in order to truly know how to market your business.



If your demographic is 65+, an actual letter in the mail just might capture their attention (rather than a time sensitive email). Targeting a younger audience?



Then a social media presence is key. Basically, when you adjust your offerings, you will find better reception amongst your target audience. At Paul Jones International, we cover every channel, from print to digital to social media, etc. This allows your name to stand out amongst an ever-growing crowd of competition.



We know exactly what you need to do to be the only choice prospects; patients and clients choose to do business with you instead of your competitors.



The majority of businesses unwittingly leave out important processes that distinguish them from a plethora of others in their niche. They are left scratching their heads, wondering why they’re unable to get more leads or simply convert the leads they already have.



Sales either stays the same or they quickly begin diminishing.



Well, you will no longer have this problem ever again when you become a consulting client of Paul Jones International.It’s important to understand that identifying your niche is a key factor in choosing how to market your business. And your part is simple.



You need only to read the information about (insert link) to further understand exactly how we can increase your sales within 90 days.



The amazing thing about the marketing strategies we use is that our competitors don’t even know they exist – because if they did, you wouldn’t be reading this information right now.



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Making the Move



There comes a time for all business owners when they’re pretty sure of their direction, and then… doubt sets in.



Not to worry! It’s completely normal. Let us, the professional eyes and ears of the marketing world help you discover the best ways to catapult yourself forward in your marketing niche.



We know that your small business investments must be carefully weighed, and therefore, we present an unprecedented record of success in guiding customers within their target markets, helping them seal a wide array of deals, and providing more revenue generating abilities than most have ever considered.



Allow us to show you how to market your business and we’ll shine a light on your establishment in a way no other marketing consulting firm has ever done before.



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