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Free Marketing Strategies To Get More Sales Today

Business owners, would you like a marketing strategy for free that gives you income by the end of the day. Curious, ok, bare with me. All you need to do is one simple thing.


And that is, listen to this video until the very end and see how you can make that extra income today. The things you are about to hear are very very easy. There’s no technical experience needed. There’s no PhD qualifications or masters degrees or anything like that you need. The only thing you really do require is just a good pair of listening ears, so enjoy.


Hello, good morning good afternoon wherever your are from around the world listening in. My names Paul Jones


I’d like to share with you a few strategies that if you implement them can have a dramatic and positive outcome on your business. You might be asking how much this is going to cost?


It’s going to cost you roughly about zero pounds, zero dollars, zero euros. There’s no charge. It’s absolutely free. The next question you might be asking is, what’s the catch?


There is no catch. A lot of businesses tend to do things however they’re going to do them. Most business owners are not marketers. They don’t understand the concept of marketing. They don’t understand the concept of testing and leveraging their business.


When I started my first business many years ago. I ended up going broke on two separate occasions. I had two businesses and they both failed simply because I didn’t understand marketing, so I said to myself, if I ever get into business, I’m going to need to learn and understand marketing so I don’t have these pitfalls again. That’s why I’ve become an International Business Growth Expert.


You can read all about that in the about page. There’s great detail on how I started up, why I started, the reasons why I failed and how I overcame them.


My daily consulting fee is $40,000. I can appreciate that a lot of businesses will not be able to afford my daily fee, which is ok, it’s quite understandable. In a way I would like to be able to give back to the community.


I want to be able to help you as much as I can without any charge during this session right here right now, on some strategies that will definitely help you. The only thing that I ask is. If you use these strategies and it does help you, and it should if you follow instructions. Kindly recommend me to as many people that you know that own businesses, because I’m sure I will be able to help them also.


Here are the strategies that you can use.


The most common questions for businesses is, how do I increase leverage. How can I make more sales get more revenues? My answer to that is –


Choose to be proactive instead of reactive, take steps to leverage your business and get the most yield out of what your doing. Then find the easiest, the most immediate, the most low effort activity, you can implement today, not tomorrow, not next week or next month but today that gives validation that these processes and principles really do work.


So for example, if your running ads and hopefully you are as a businessperson, try changing the headline. If you’re running ads try using a more compelling and specific risk reversal. If you’re running ads try changing the copy. The copy is the sales letter, also known as the description or the detail that hopefully if done correctly provides enough information that gets the prospect or patient, which ever variant you decide to choose gets them excided enough so they can then make the purchase.


If you run ads try adding an upsell or a down-sell. An up-sale is something that’s related to what’s just been purchased but at a higher price point. So for example, lets say your selling women’s shoes at a price of $99.


You can have an up-sell to that, which is women’s perfume. The perfume maybe the same brand as the shoes or it could be any other brand. This is something that can be sold for $199 or $300 etc. Whatever it is, it should be more expensive.


The down-sale is similar to the up-sale. The down-sale is something that is related to what’s just been purchased but with a lower price tag.


Lets say someone has purchased a pair of kiddies trainers for $49.99. The down-sale to that could be kiddie’s slippers or kiddies shoes or a kiddie’s tracksuit. That price point could be 15.99 or 29.99, even 10.99. So whatever it is your selling, it can be something that’s slightly cheaper.


If you run ads try adding bonuses to the sale hopefully this should entice them enough to act immediately so they can spend more money with you, or you can try adding a 25% discount, 30% discount or 40% discount if they take immediate action.


If you have sales people out in the field or on the phone, get them to experiment immediately with approaching people differently in their initial conversation.

This is almost identical to having a headline. In fact it’s the same as having a headline.


Try testing different prices. Try testing different guarantees, different warranties, try different package offers. Try testing different sizes, quantities, qualities and combinations.


If you have inactive customers, clients or patients, get on the phone and call them and politely ask why they haven’t come back. Ask them if you have done a dis-service, or if something has happened in their life that has caused them or prevented them from returning.


Even if you did this for a minimum of a week. The odds are you can boost your business by 20-30 percent a month alone. But when you see the validation and your bank balance increase, and your customers start to embrace you more, you will get excited.


All of these things are instantaneous that gives you results by the end of the day.


If you run a subscription a renewal based business and you want to get more sales. You might be wondering what else can you do. Lets say for example you sell several pieces of software, and your basic software is good, but the more advanced software is even better and has several more benefits than the basic one.


You can offer the software to your customers at a nominal fee. Lets say we are going to do some testing on marketing and see what the response rate is.


If your software costs $200, $500 a $1000 or more. You can offer it at a heavily reduced fee of $20 or $50 or whatever fee you deem necessary.


The purpose of this is to reduce the barrier to entry. Most businesses don’t understand by simply making the sales process easier for they’re customers they can increase the amount of volume that they sell.


When you sell it at $20 or $50, what your doing is. You’re removing the financial risk to that person. It becomes easier for them to say yes. They don’t have to take any risk. The risk is all on the business owner.


You let them try it out for three months or six months and at the end of it. If it’s helped them to solve a problem, let them keep it and use it, as they seem fit. When it’s time to do the update or provide the support, you can get them to buy it at the same price or fee that everybody else purchases it at.


The intention is to tell them what it can do, how it’s going to benefit them and what they expect to get out of it, using the system.


If it gives them a superior advantage to whatever they’re using now. They don’t have to stop doing what they’re doing, with whatever software they’re using. They can use it alongside what they are currently doing at the moment.


They get to test it for three to six months. They get to see what benefits and how it can improve they’re situation, and if it doesn’t work it’s no problem. Simply give them back a refund.


This is a very powerful concept when used. It doesn’t have to be confined to just software. You can apply this concept to any business, which is subscription or renewal based.


For example, if you own a health spa or if you have a newsletter or even if you’re a contractor providing electrical or plumbing services.


Providing it’s on a subscription or renewal type of fee, you can apply these concepts to those things.


An inexpensive way to test this will be to firstly look at your list. Take a very small segment of your list and try it with those people. Whatever size your list is, just use a small portion of that to see how well it performs.


If you don’t have a list, if the software is very targeted run a small ad on Facebook or YouTube or even take an ad out in a magazine or newspaper. Do a small test there and see what the performance rate is before you roll it out on a much lager scale.


If the response rate is good, see how many people stick with the product because, the money is going to be made in the upgrade or the additional add-ons that you provide, or in the support that’s offered.


One of the greatest things you can do in marketing is testing. Why should you test? Well, quite simply because. One way of doing something can profoundly out-perform another way of doing something.


Lets say you’re running an ad. If you test different types of ads, you will know with empirical data how much that ad out-pulled all of the other ads.


One way of doing something is going to give you more results than doing it another way. Another way of doing something is also going to give you more results than doing it the previous way.


Every time you test something you’re going to get a different result. You must also keep track of your results. There’s no point in doing a test and having no idea, six months down the line what you tested and what the result were from those tests.


If you can’t track what your doing. The whole point of testing is going to be pointless. You have to keep track of what you’re doing when you test certain things.


What things can you test? You can test headlines, you can test pricing, you can test guarantees, you can test packages, you can test lists, you can test different markets. You can test delivery modes.


For example. Radio, newspapers, magazines, you can test the postage. First class versus second class versus bulk mail. You can test direct mail. You can test quantities. You can test colours.


You can test sizes, propositions, you can test rational and you can also test payment terms. You can even test refunds.


Some company owners or business owners may think, if I test refunds I’m going to get a large number of people wanting they’re money back.


But that’s the wrong way to think about it. Because if you guarantee someone can get they’re money back if they’re not happy with a particular product or service.


That is going to greatly improve your front end, which means more people are going to be likely to buy something knowing that if something isn’t right with what they just purchased, they can get they’re money back.


Some people are going to ask for they’re money back, and rightly so you should give them back they’re money. But on the upside, you’re going to have more people spending they’re money to buy what you’re offering, as opposed to the amount of people that are going to want refunds.


One more important thing to remember when you’re testing, when you do an add, don’t test several variables at once, because you’re not going to know what change increased the response or gave you less results.


So what you do is, if you run an ad change one thing at a time. You start with perhaps changing the headline. Keep everything else in the sales copy the same.


Let that run for a month or whatever the case may be, and then you do another test. This time you change just the pricing everything else stays the same. The headline stays the same, the offer stays the same the size the colours the proposition. Everything else stays the same. You only change one thing at a time before you move onto the next change or the next test.


Work your current and past customer lists. Why? Because it costs a lot of money to acquire customers, you have spent hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, pounds or euros, to locate and establish a relationship to close them.


You have spent huge amounts of money to run ads in newspapers, magazines and the internet to reach millions, when in fact you only converted a handful or a few hundred to do business with.


Lets not forget the amount of money it cost you to have a sales team in place to contact those prospects to turn them into customers.


Now that you have developed a customer base, you have access to the single greatest source of future business at your disposal. All you have to do is very intelligently work your list of customers over and over again, by contacting them whenever you have new products, sales or special offers.


So how should it be done? The first thing is to call the customer. Acknowledge they’re importance then make a powerful but compelling case why you’re contacting them. This is very important.


The customer should be interested in taking advantage of the product or service you’re offering. Make sure you can actually offer a reason or multiple reasons why, and lead the customer to the appropriate action.


Explain why they should buy, how they can buy, what to do next, how to do it, why they should do it now.


If you’re unable to answer any of these points, you must focus on these issues. If it helps ask your colleagues for help, until you are ready to express them in a way people will believe, respect and respond to.

Acknowledge the difficulties your customers may face. Provide reassurance and appreciate you’re concerned about they’re circumstances and adjust the offer if necessary so they understand. In return they will furnish you with sales. It may not be today but certainly in the future.


Your customers are a group of individuals who have obviously purchased from you before. Leverage off of the reasons why they previously bought from you. Advise them of those reasons why they chose to do business with you.


It’s unfortunate that most business people don’t work they’re past customers at all. If on the slim chance that they do, they only produce a small fraction of the potential they’re capable of producing. Satisfied customers want to be and are already predisposed towards doing business with you.


They are silently begging to be led. Another way to put it, they want to repurchase your products or services. It’s down to you to be preemptive. Use the necessary energy to lead the customer back. There are many ways it can be done here’s an example.


You can offer customers a one time special deal to encourage them to make a purchase. You can say something like this.


“Dear Mrs Smith, I’ve been thinking about you over the last few days and I thought it would be nice to do something very special for you. Hopefully you will appreciate it and enjoy it once you understand my reason behind it.


I’ve just introduced a new and exciting monthly subscription service. I’m inviting all of our loyal customers to take advantage of whereby we automatically provide you on pre-arranged intervals of our carpet cleaning service.


We’ll keep your home at the level of perfection you expect. And you will never have to worry about remembering to contact us, because we automatically come out at times when it’s convenient for you.


As an added benefit for scheduling our services at a time that is appropriate for you, when you sign up for this service you’ll receive our special insurance cover free of charge. What this means is. In the event that something happens to your carpet it will be repaired or replaced with a brand new one at no extra cost.


What’s the price?


Nowhere near the amount you might be thinking of. It’s also much less then a visit if you engaged us on a one-time call.


Why is it such a saving? The answer is very straightforward. I have a team of employees on payroll they must be paid whether they work or not. For some unusual reason Tuesdays and Saturdays are our busiest days. During the midweek business is much slower but I still have to make payroll.


Employees have little or nothing to do at these times. From a business point of view it’s not productive to pay them for doing nothing. Therefore it’s to my advantage to keep the revenue coming in even if it’s less during the quieter days.


If you will allow me to arrange these services at times that are suitable to us but also convenient for you. I will be very happy to pass the savings on to you. Also when you agree to start the ongoing subscription service, you’re under no obligation to continue and you can cancel whenever you decide.


During anytime you deem our service not to be appropriate or don’t meet your high standards of satisfaction, or you have a problem or no problem at all. You can cancel on the spot.


You’re welcome to call me personally and I’ll perform the service or refund your money in full, which ever is best for you.


Knowing the satisfaction you’ll get when you see how incredibly clean your carpet looks and smells. Our service will be very much appreciated. I think you will welcome the additional savings and time. Unless I hear from you, I’ll contact you in a few days to set up a schedule and go over your requirements.


Alternatively, if you prefer me not to call you can return the enclosed reply card with your instructions. Yours sincerely, Jonathan Bradley JB&B Cleaning Services.


Another important note, your offer must be compelling that it prioritizes your product or service in the minds of your prospects. It’s your duty to convince them that your product or service can help them. Your offer must support this by making it unusually easy or affordable for them to conduct business with you.


Business owners, would you like a marketing strategy that gives you income by the end of the day? And here it is folks. You have heard all of the strategies that you can use today that will put money in your bank account.


Listen to this video as many times as you need. Share it with as many people as you feel fit. Anyone that you believe it can help, give it to them, share it with them. Help them to put some extra zeros in they’re bank account also. Play it back over and over again.


The only thing you really need to do now is take action.


Think about it, if you do nothing you’ll get nothing. It’s not going to cost you anything. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but lots of extra zeros to put into your bank account.


It sounds easy, but we like easy. So put this to work, start making some extra income.


I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. It’s been a real blast to do this for you. Give it a thumbs up or even a thumbs down depending on what mood you’re in today. As always thumbs up is much better than the ones that go down.


But most importantly take action and put this stuff to work, because it will add zeros to your bank balance.


I would like to here about your success. Leave your comments below, and share it on Facebook. Come back and listen to it as many times as you seem fit, because you can never know enough. So I bid you fare well and have a good day.