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The Strategy Of Preminence

Hello. My name’s Paul Jones. I’m an International Business Growth Specialist. I have something I would like to share with you. Something that will absolutely make a profound difference to your business, providing you implement the strategy I’m about to speak with you on.


I’m going to speak to you about The Strategy of Preeminence, what it is and by adopting it, how it will transform the way you conduct business forever.


It encourages people who wish to work with you, to choose you instead of your competitors. You gain the ability to see and understand exactly what people want. Why they do the things they do and the reasons for doing it?


What you will have is a passion so strong that’s difficult to be broken. Establishing business connections or even friendships, becomes effortless. The more you connect with people the greater the bond with them strengthens.


When you adopt The Strategy of Preeminence. You will forever more be at the forefront, in the hearts, the minds, even the cheque books of your prospects, clients and patients. They will be more than happy to be dealing with you and only you. The reason for this. Simple, you will be the preeminent and only choice.


Don’t think in the same way in which your competitors think and does things. Don’t get caught up thinking about the money. It will follow. Instead, think about how you can serve the people you decide to do business with.


How being there for them will improve the quality of their lives. How they will be better of with you in it. How they will feel more protected with you giving them the right guidance and advice, ensuring that you do everything within your power to prevent them from making the wrong decisions.


You are living for their betterment. When you adopt this type of mindset, it puts you in a winning position. The competition will not be able to compete with you.


When a person has taken on The Strategy of Preeminence. Preeminence means to be seen as the most trusted advisor. You have their best interests at heart.


The great Steve Jobs, may God rest his soul, was a visionary, an expert, a leader, a trusted advisor. People went to him for guidance and they believed in his products. He created a revolution. Changing and improving the lives of billions of people from all over the world.


You too can lead a revolution within your business or community. A revolution that changes the way in which people think and act within their businesses or their lives. It doesn’t have to be in business. You can apply it to the people around you, friends and family, even loved ones.


We all have the ability within us to be great. Every single person on this planet has the potential to be the best they can be. It’s something that can be nurtured and developed over time. Never think that you cannot do something because someone may have told you it can’t be done, or you may have tried something a few times and were unsuccessful.


It just means that particular way wasn’t the right way to get the desired result, so you try again and you keep trying until you succeed and you will.


Steve Jobs had many failures with Apple before he became successful. You have it within you to be a leader and aspire to greatness. I want you to be great at whatever it is that you do.


Being seen as the leader or the most trusted advisor. You become a person that is wise. A person that is knowledgeable, a person that can be trusted, a protector of others, a person that will always do the right thing at all times.


As a trusted advisor, you will never allow someone to move towards something that’s inappropriate, or something that could lead to a disastrous result. You do these things because you believe within your heart it’s the right thing to do and that you care about the wellbeing of other people.


When you take on the role as a preeminent advisor. You assume the path to greatness, far beyond what you could ever imagine possible. Money will never be a commodity that you have to worry about, because you have engaged in something that will change and improve the lives of everyone who you communicate with forever.


In return for being seen and taking on the role as the most trusted advisor. Fulfillment will be your reward as recognition for helping others to succeed. You will become financially better off. This is why you shouldn’t worry about the money. Instead, think about the quality of the lives you will enhance.


When you apply The Strategy of Preeminence to your business and in life. You will begin to position yourself in your market place or community like no one else. You will be enriched into the minds of many people. You become the person that everyone will want to go to.


You are seen as someone who can make things happen, someone who has the answers, a person of trust.


This is a force that’s very, very powerful. It should only be used for the betterment and wellbeing of other people that you can genuinely help. It’s all about your prospects; patients and clients and how you can best serve them.


When you learn The Strategy of Preeminence. From this moment on, you must change the way you have conducted business. The way your team members do things will change. The way you communicate with people will also change.


Starting from today, from this very moment. To be seen as the most trusted advisor, The Strategy of Preeminence suggests that you relinquish the way in which you have previously conducted business.


You are seen as someone who is trusted to lead others to the right decisions. Your clients and everyone you deal with see you, as someone who has taken the responsibility of their governance and decision making to provide them with the most rewarding outcome.


For you to embrace and be seen as the preeminent choice in your market, there are a few things you must change. The first thing that must be changed is your mindset on who you are selling your products and services to.


There’s competition in all corners of the world. While competition exists, there are forces that exist alongside it trying to turn against us so we become nothing more than a commodity. One of those forces is the competition. They want to turn against us so we can’t succeed. They don’t want us to excel. They would quite happily see us marginalized and not be seen as the definitive source.


The other force is the consumer. They want the highest quality at the lowest price without comprising on quality. They don’t realize the value. You must educate them so they understand and appreciate the items you have on offer.


So the way to change it is to be seen as the most trusted advisor. When you assume such a responsibility. You will never again when you have the best intensions of your client, allow them to purchase, less then they should, in less quantity then they should, in less frequency then they should or in less quality then they should.


If you allow them to do that, you will be doing them a great disservice. If you know with absolute certainty that doing something in a certain way will yield 5, 10, 15 or 20 times the result, and you allow them to do something that produces an unsatisfactory outcome. You will be in defeasance of your moral obligations as a trusted advisor.


You cannot allow the client to do whatever he or she wants, because you know, being the expert in your field that it’s the wrong call.


A very close friend of mine has a brother in his late 40’s or early 50’s. He lives an unhealthy lifestyle. Consuming large quantities of alcohol, heavy smoking, regular consumption of fast food, and no exercise. He unfortunately suffered a heart attack. The cause of the heart attack was his lifestyle, which caused his arteries to get blocked leading to the heart attack which could have been fatal.


He was admitted to hospital. The doctors were able to do a procedure to unblock his arteries. The doctor explained he needed to stop drinking and smoking and that he must begin immediately eating healthy food with vegetables, whilst staying away from fast food.


Now, you wouldn’t expect the doctor to say it’s ok for you to continue in the unhealthy lifestyle that your living and expect every time you have a heart attack to just come on down to the hospital for the process to be repeated. No, you would expect the doctor to look you in the eye, and tell you that its imperative you change your lifestyle immediately, otherwise you won’t be so lucky if this happens again.


This is why it’s important to change the way you think about your strategy and whom you are doing it for.


I found that many people in business have fantastic products or services, which they feel great about. They aspire to be the biggest and greatest in their field of endeavour. In doing so they end up falling in love with the product or service.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with having the desire to be the biggest or greatest, but you should prevent yourself from falling in love with your products or services. You should fall in love with your clients, prospects and patients.


When you do that, everything you do, every communication that you engage in, every piece of advise that you provide, every part of involvement that you have with the client is for their betterment. This puts you at an incredible advantage over the competition.


In the eyes of the client, you are seen as an advisor, a person that can be trusted and relied upon, an expert, a person of authority, and a confident.


Empathy plays an important role in The Strategy of Preeminence. It’s the way in which you get to better acknowledge how the client feels in relation to how they are being treated, whether their needs are being met, whether they are making the correct decisions.


If you are a person of empathy? It means you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. So for example, lets assume you have a client that feels a certain way that has been troubled with a certain problem. There’s something they want but have been unable to verbalize the thing that has kept them silenced. As an empathic person, you are able to put into words the way the client feels.


Therefore you can explain to your client exactly how he or she feels which will be something they can relate to. When you do this, something wonderful happens. It appeases them because they no longer have to feel intimidated or worry about what had kept them from speaking out.


They see that you are the only person that has been able to understand their point of view and how they have been feeling, but they were unable to interpret into words. They will be forever grateful to you.


Which leads me to my next point with regards to advice versus information. The two are not the same. There are significant differences. Information is inconclusive whereas providing advice is definitive. Advice can also lead a person to take action.


This is the reason when you practice The Strategy of Preeminence, you tell people, “Here’s what you need to do, this is the reason why you need to do it, and this is how it needs to be done”.


As a trusted advisor, you are looked upon as a person that can solve problems. You are the expert. It’s the reason why people go to you. They trust you. You have a duty of care towards your clients.


You cannot and should not allow them to do whatever it is that they want to do. You cannot allow them to make mistakes. Your role as a trusted advisor prevents this from happening. Your success relies on their success.


You are their protector and you must always have their best interest at heart. It’s your job to provide them with focus and clarity.


When you are focused you have clarity. Clarity is power. When you have power, you also have a level of understanding. When you can understand things certainty is derived from it. Certainty provides trust. A person of trust can lead one to take action. If trust is removed from the equation people will not take action.


It’s imperative you provide clients with clarity. People are often confused and given the wrong advise often leaving them paralyzed, unable to make a decision or take action.


Give the client clarity so their minds are not scrambled in a maze of confusion. Ask them. “What would it mean to you if your business was operating exactly as you anticipated without any frustrations?”


A simple question like this would mean the world of difference that will help people.


Another side to The Strategy of Preeminence, you must educate your clients, prospects and patients. I see many businesses do not do this; they provide vague information that raises only more questions and leads to confusion. Confused people do not take action. Take the time to fully explain in detail what it is you have to offer.


Gary Halbert who was the greatest copywriter of all time once said, “The more you tell, the more you sell.”


You can’t expect someone to make an informed buying decision with a limited amount of information. It needs to be detailed, easy to understand.


I’ve seen businesses loose clients at the customer enquiry stage resulting in tens of thousands of dollars or pounds in lost revenue because they failed to adequately educate the client. Please don’t let this happen to you.


Take the time to educate your prospects, clients and patients. Don’t follow in the footsteps of your competitors providing vague advice. Even if you think they’re unlikely to buy your products or services, you should treat them as if they are an existing client.


If you don’t have what they require don’t just leave it there, recommend them to a competitor that might be able to help. Don’t worry about losing their business.


If you follow the advice I’ve been talking about on The Strategy of Preeminence, you will be doing something your competitors won’t be. Your clients will see the difference and will appreciate your business even more. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the competition.


Just because they didn’t buy from you today doesn’t mean that they won’t buy in the future. In fact, it’s this kind of special treatment that will make them return. People want to be appreciated and feel special.


Explain the biggest, clearest desired result people feel but never had anyone clarify for them. Then give them a solution or action plan that they can take away and implement.


As a leader and the most trusted advisor. When you give clients the most fulfilling, most satisfying, most rewarding, understanding and guidance that helps them.


Taking them from point A to point B with absolute clarity. When you display a genuine regard to have a better and higher wish or hope for that client then they had for themselves, having their best interest at heart with every person that you come into contact with, even if they never do any business with you.


The way in which you treat the client, prospect or patient, gives them the belief that they can trust you without any hesitation.


This is how you establish a fulfilling, loyal and long-term relationship between your company and the client or patient.


The reason why I refer to a buyer as a client and not a customer, is because, a client connotes a higher level of bonding, the importance of trust and respect. In fact, you should refer to all of the people that purchase your products or services as clients. “Why, because a client is someone who is under the care or protection of another person. A customer is someone who buys goods or services from a vendor or supplier. You take a chance when referred to as a customer.


The vendor or supplier doesn’t care about you. They’re not interested in trying to understand you or the frustrations you may have. They have one objection. That objection is to get your money anyway they can, as fast as they can.


This can lead to a lack of trust resulting in poor services, poor workmanships, products or services unfit for the intended purpose and poor business practices.


People want to be lead. They are silently asking for leadership. They want someone they can rely on. Someone they can trust who will not take advantage of them. They want someone they feel can understand them. Someone who will guide them to there desired result, solve their problems and provide solutions. They also need help to become more profitable and more productive.


A great leader knows of the possibilities. He or she is in the ultimate position to best advise the client who is often in the dark.


When people are frustrated, confused or don’t get the right advice. They are unaware of what to do. They begin to search for someone they trust. They need someone who has the knowledge. Someone who can understand them who can lead them to the right decision.


People quickly loose faith and find it hard to trust certain businesses. That is the reason why they turn to experts or leaders as an alternative.


The point I’m making is this. If you want to understand the things that frustrates prospects, clients and patients the most, listen to what they have to say. Show them that you care and have a genuine interest in them.


If you are in a position to help, explain what it is that you can do to help them. You could say something like. “ I understand your frustrations. I see the angle you are coming from and I believe I have a solution that will solve your problems. This is how I think you will benefit.


Please tell me if I’m right or wrong. Once you and I can reach an agreement on what you would like to achieve, including your dreams, we can progress to the next stage making your dreams come to life. I sincerely believe I can make it happen for you”.


However, it’s absolutely imperative that you fully understand the client’s point of view.


The moment you adopt The Strategy of Preeminence and teach it to everyone within your organization who comes into contact with the public. Not only will it increase your bottom line, making a profound difference to your business. Competitors will not be able to compete with you because you will be seen as the expert and only choice.


What you need to do now is use the strategy I’ve spoken about. Implement The Strategy of Preeminence. Put it to work and get some success so you can prosper.