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About Paul Jones


The story you’re about to read on Paul Jones is long, exciting, detailed with an in-depth insight on how Paul grew up in poverty. The hardships and struggles he endured. How he dealt with his failed businesses, the reasons why they failed, and how he came out on top.


You’ll discover the debts incurred and how he managed to overcome the hurdles in the pursuit of becoming an astute business growth specialist, using strategies no other consulting firm in the UK has been able to replicate.


I encourage and insist you read all the information presented before you in its entirety. It will be a great disservice to you by not completely reading all that has been presented. There’s a great deal of information you’ll find informative.


Hello and welcome to Paul Jones International. I’m Paul Jones. For those who are unaware of my story, I’ll give you an insight on what led me to become an International Business Growth Specialist.


When I finished school. There were two things I really enjoyed doing, playing football (soccer) and acting. Initially, I wanted to go to drama school, but when I discovered the fees. That quickly put an end to that dream, because I knew my mum couldn’t afford it.


I came from a poor Jamaican family. My mother had five children. My dad left home when I was 5 years old. He started a new family.


I had another 4 sisters and 2 brothers, so that now equates to a grand total of 10 brothers and sisters. (Wow, can you imagine the number of nephews and nieces that are in my family now? It wouldn’t be far off from a small town).


Anyway, I didn’t see much of my dad, but that never stopped my mum from doing the best she could do for us.


I shared a bedroom with my brother and eventually with my three nephews when they arrived. Four in a small bedroom was quite a squeeze but we made it work.


What’s The Law Got To Do With It?


We never had central heating. In fact, there was no heating in any of the rooms. There was one portable gas heater that was rather heavy to move around. The gas heater was the only thing we had to heat a three-bedroom house.


As soon as one of the rooms got warm, we would close the door and put clothes at the bottom of it to keep the heat in. The gas heater would go to the next room for the process to be repeated.


That heater frightened the living daylights out of me. Not only was it ginormous and scary looking. It was almost as heavy as a small dinosaur and it leaked gas.


I’m not sure who the culprit was between my brother or my sisters. All I knew, I wasn’t the guilty one because there was a meter and a half forbidden zone slapped upon me.


That meant it was against the law – well the law of my grandparents who I also lived with that said I had to remain at least 1 meter away from the heater at all times.


   Could This Be The End of The Jones’s?


Anyway, someone failed to connect the gas bottle properly to the pipe. That meant, while the heater was warming up the rooms, gas was also escaping at the same time. A one way ticket for certain disaster. That could have easily spelt the end of the Jones family.


Here’s why?


While the gas was escaping a wining noise started omitting from the heater. It was a noise I’d never heard before and it scared the heck out of me.


It began to get louder and louder and as it did my heart started to beat eight times the speed of sound. A world record if you ask me.


Something just didn’t seem right. I wanted to get closer to investigate and as I began to get closer I remembered my grandparents law. The meter rule and backed away. The next thing I noticed was this pungent smell of gas and a second terrifying sound.


What the heck is going on I thought to myself?


There are no words that I could use to describe that terrifying sound other than it’s something you would never want to experience. Surely this couldn’t be happening but it was, and it was real.


Fear quickly changed to panic and for some strange reason I was the only person in the house that seemed to be aware of the imminent danger we all faced.


There was only one thing left to do and that was to sound the alarm. Now, bear in mind that I was no more than perhaps 8 or 9 years old at the time and it was the eighties.

If you think we had a sophisticated alarm system like ADT, well you better think again, because we didn’t.


The only sophisticated alarm system in our house was, for me to scream at the top of my voice and say these words over and over. GAS…GAS…GAS…


I ran up and down shouting out gas until there was almost a stampede to see what all the commotion was. My brother realized what was happening and quickly shut the gas fire down narrowly averting a catastrophe.


I was certain at the time, and still to this very day, (2019) believed if I hadn’t raised the alarm and my brother wasn’t there to switch the fire off, and disconnect the gas bottle.

That dinosaur thing would have exploded and blown us all to smithereens for sure, and you wouldn’t be reading this story.


That is the absolute God’s honest truth.


I will never forget that awful sound it made and I will never again use or recommend a portable gas heater.


Anyway, my mum eventually met a very nice man. They got married and he became my step dad. He came from a poor family too, but that didn’t matter because he was the coolest step dad I could ever have wished for.

He did a great deal for our family. (Unfortunately, my step dad he passed away on 18th September 2001).


My step dad worked for a bread company in the early nineties. Thursday’s was my best day of the week. That was the day when he used to bring fresh bread home.

I had my own half loaf, which was super cool. It was the tastiest bread I’ve eaten to date.


Although we had food, it was limited so the bread my dad got from work was a welcomed treat.


I mentioned earlier that we lived with my grandparents. That made the total number of nine family members living in a three-bedroom house.

Cash might have been a scarce commodity but there was one thing that we all had plenty of, and that was the abundance of love.


The More You Practice The Better You Become At The Thing You Do
– That’s The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary People


While in school I quickly became good at playing football. I spent everyday playing football (soccer) in the playground and whenever I got the chance to go to the park. I would go and practice some more.


I even played at home in the living room with my nephews when my parents and grandparents had gone to sleep. We got several pairs of socks, rolled them up so it looked like a mini football and got stuck in to some serious footie.


Those were the good old days but also a little frightening because we broke some of my grandparent’s ornaments above the fireplace, and those ornaments were like bars of gold to them.


The more I played the better I became. Acting was pretty much the same. I guess I picked up a lot of things from listening and watching others; repeating what I heard and saw; and using the experiences in my school plays.


When I finished school in 1992. I believed attending drama school would be free. I got the names and addresses for the schools I was planning to enrol in.


When I began contacting them, I discovered fees would have to be paid and they were more than I could afford. My heart almost stopped beating. I didn’t have a job.


I knew my mum would never be able to afford such fees. We could barely afford to heat the rooms in our house. Sometimes we didn’t even have running hot water. So I never spoke to my mum about enrolling in drama school.


Instead I got into college on a performing arts course and continued to play football.


I barely made it through the first year of college and only scrapped through into the second. My tutor Jo Shepard told me that if I get the same grades as I did in the first year I would end up failing the course.


Getting to and from college was challenging. Even finding enough food to eat while I was there was difficult enough, which didn’t help with the poor results I got, that almost prevented me from graduating to the second year.


I was more concerned about getting regular meals and how I would get to college, than what the results of my grades were.


However, the second year was better. I managed to make an improvement. I got on much better with Jo, my tutor who I eventually became good friends with. More than 20 years later, we are still close till this very day.


I graduated with merits and distinctions and even got a standing ovation for my final performance. (How cool was that?)


But it wasn’t about to get any easier. I couldn’t get any auditions or any acting work. My dream of becoming an actor never materialized. I decided to find a job and continue with football.


It took many months before I got my first serious job as an accounts assistant, which is rather ironic considering I knew nothing about accounting.

I certainly didn’t have any experience in that field. I didn’t even know how to write a cheque or what it looked like.


I guess the interviewee took pity on me, because I got hired and remained at the company for 18 months.


Being A Good Football (Soccer) Player Hurts


By the time I was 21 years old. I thought I was a pretty good football player. There were things I could do with the ball, that most professionals were unable to do. I could dribble the ball and shoot with both feet.


I could bend it like Beckham with either the left or the right, plus I could go past 3 or 4 players with the ball and put it in the back of the net with relative ease.


Soon enough, these advanced skills became a hindrance towards me and began to annoy the heck out of other players.

They knew I could go past them effortlessly with a high possibility that I would score with just the goalkeeper to beat, and most of the time that’s what happened. I’d beat the goalkeeper.


To prevent that from happening, they resulted to foul play, causing me a to get injured on many occassions.


Despite this, I would continue to play because I enjoyed the game so much.


Little did I know at the time that I was on a collision course, I would suffer permanent damage to my leg for the next two decades, with an endless amount of excruciating pain to follow that no doctor or specialist were able to fix.


The only concern that entered my mind was the possibility, of not become a professional football player.


I started writing letters to every premier league football club in the UK, asking for a trial. Explaining the position I played, and to my surprise, not only did I get a reply from the clubs. They all said the same thing literally, which was something similar to…


“Thank you for your letter requesting a trial, but unfortunately we are unable to invite you to our club at this time.”


I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t be interested. I thought I could play very well, but something was missing. Perhaps I needed an agent. Maybe things could be a little easier with an agent in my corner.


There was no time to spend feeling sorry for myself. I began to contact as many Fifa agents as I could get hold of. But as you might have guessed, I didn’t have much luck with them either.


Most who could be bothered to contact me sent letters of rejection.


An English agent at the time who represented a well-known footballer, playing in the premier league. The player was considered to be one of the best in the world; who was English and also played for a big Italian club. He spoke with a Geordie accent.


I spoke to the agent over the phone but he wasn’t happy to speak to me. If he could have put his hand through the phone and strangle me, he would have. I had no idea why he was so upset and filled with such rage.


I was only asking if he could come and watch me play and then refer me to a club for trials, if he thought I was good enough.


Maybe if he had got me a trial. I could have made my way into the premier league and helped England win the world cup during the time David Beckham played.


There were no other English football players that could play with both feet. They were either left or right footed. I could play with both, plus I could dribble, take free kicks, penalties and score goals with either foot.


This is why England might have had a better chance of winning another world cup.


Shaken But Not Stirred


By this time, I was feeling a little shaken up by the wrath of that agent, but I wasn’t about to give up on my dream. I continued to play and evidently picked up more injuries along the way.


The more I played at the field where I kept getting injured. The more injuries I picked up. I wish I had the good sense to play somewhere else where players were a little less aggressive.


I managed to meet the late Alan Ball at an event he attended in London in 2000.


Although I had many rejections at this point trying to make it as a professional football player, I thought I had nothing to lose by approaching him.


Jack Charlton was also at the event. They were both great footballing icons when they played for England and won the 1966 world cup, which was the only time, England has ever won a world cup.


I had the option to speak to both of them but the opportunity that presented itself, only allowed me to speak to one of them, and that was to be at the end of the event. I had a feeling that they were not going to be hanging around.


Jack seemed like he didn’t want to speak to anyone and he quickly disappeared into a taxi. I plucked up all my courage, took a deep gulp of air and approached Alan.

I told him who I was and complemented him on his speech. I continued to explain how well I could play football.


I had a letter in my pocket that was similar to the other letters I sent to the football clubs. Alan Ball was the manager of Portsmouth football club at the time. I asked him if I could have a trial at his club.


I don’t remember what his response was but he did accept my letter. He was a small guy but ever so pleasant to have a conversation with.


Weeks went past followed by months. I began to assume the trial with Portsmouth was never going to happen. In fact, I was certain the letter I gave to Alan had found its way to the nearest dustbin without being read.


A little more time had passed and still there was no response from the club. Then a letter appeared through my letterbox with the clubs logo on the front of the envelope. I couldn’t believe it.


At that moment I knew Alan had read the letter. I started to feel all sorts of emotions. I was laughing, screaming, dancing. My face lit up like a fire works display, and all this was happening before I’d even opened the letter.


You would have thought that perhaps it would be best to open the letter first. For all I knew bad news could have been waiting. Bad news always happened to find its way to me whenever I contacted clubs or agents.


It would translate, that on this occasion. Bad news was put on hold.


Portsmouth actually invited me for a trial at the club. I was so excited from the arrival of the letter that all the excitement had been used up before I had opened it, so by the time I did open it, all I could do now was to smile about the good news.


For the first time ever, I felt like I had a chance to take care of my family providing I made it through the trial period.

Hours From Disaster


On the morning of the trials I made a fatal mistake that would put me on another collision course.


It could have been noted that I was hours from disaster. Not to be confused with the program that used to be aired on Sky’s National Geographic channel called Seconds from Disaster.


I had one hell of an almighty big breakfast. A crazy feast –something that I’d never done while growing up. At the age of 21 it was something I’d never experienced either.


The journey on the train to Portsmouth’s football club left me feeling over excited with an over filled stomach, which wasn’t digesting fast enough.


However, I had my CD Walkman listening to some nice songs to be in the best frame of mind, so when it was time to get on the pitch, I would have no trouble performing. Music has always been something that motivated me.


I arrived at the training ground, had a brief look around then it was straight onto the pitch.


It was a perfect sunny day. Not a cloud in sight. The grass was well-maintained, ideal conditions for playing football.


There were quite a lot of other players that had turned up for trials too. We got split into teams then the trials begun.


I don’t know why but for some reason, I thought we wouldn’t start playing until the afternoon, which would have been after the first team had finished their training session.

Then I remembered that mega breakfast I had in the morning, and I was next to go on the pitch.


That wasn’t good. My food had not digested. At least 2-3 hours is required to digest a light meal before playing. The amount of food I ate had too much proteins and fiber that would have required at least 5 or 6 hours to digest. The meal was just too heavy.


I was ill prepared. I just got on with it and began playing.


 Moments From Disaster


The first ten minutes on the pitch went smoothly. I was playing well. Something I noticed began to irritate me.

Whenever I won the ball and passed it. None of the players returned the compliment. They held on to the ball like their lives depended on it.


They shouted at me for the ball before it had even reached my feet. Then all of a sudden… Bam.

I felt a sharp stabbing pain just below my left rib cage. This was an indication of an imminent stich.

A problem that sidelines the best of players.


Fifteen minutes into the trials, the pain got worse and continued to intensify. It got to the point where I began holding my hand just below my ribs, running around like I’d just been shot with a rifle.


This was highly embarrassing. It was affecting my performance. The wonderful things I could do with the ball and the level of consistency I brought to the game week in week out; seemed to have eluded me and I was no more than just an ordinary player.


I had the feeling that I wasn’t going to get a recall from the club and I certainly didn’t disserve another invitation. As it turned out, a letter of rejection soon followed. I was more disappointed on the day of the trials with my performance than receiving the letter.


Not Even The Football Agents Would Consider Saving Me


The news never really sunk in until I saw my girlfriend in the evening. I explained to her I had failed to secure a recall with the club. When I left her home. I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

I had a golden, once in a lifetime opportunity to play professional football and get my family out of poverty and I blew it.


As time went by I decided to get in touch with some more football agents. Some of them were agents to premier league players, while others were agents to the lower leagues.

I got the same response when I asked to be represented for trials with various clubs.


They simply were not interested in helping me. They refused to watch me play.


Until I Met The Best Fifa Agent of Them All


There was a Fifa agent called Mark Steele who I will never forget. Kind of strange as I once lived on a road that had the same name.


During my lunch hour while I was working. I would sneak off to the conference room where I would make calls to the agents. Mark Steele was one of the agents. I explained my story as I did with the agents before him.


Instead of hearing the same unfortunate news as all the other agents told me. Mark listened and seemed impressed with what I had to say.


We must have spoken for 10-15 minutes back in 1999 or 2000 and before we finished the call. The last thing he said was that he would send me to a 1st or 2nd division club for a week’s trial.


Surely I must have heard incorrectly or I was just daydreaming.


There I was speaking on the phone to a Fifa agent who I didn’t know, had never met, and someone that represents players that are worth millions of pounds.


He didn’t know me, never seen me play, didn’t even know if I could play, but was prepared to take the chance and send me to a professional football club for a whole week.


You can imagine the excitement I felt when I heard this. Considering the amount of bad news I kept receiving from clubs and agents.


I sure did have a huge smile on my face, but I didn’t start doing any kind of break dancing, cartwheels, or jumping around, like an over excited kid who just got a brand new bike for Christmas.


I was graceful, calm and strolled on back to my seat in the office and acted as though nothing happened.


I was so excited and immediately started thinking about the number of days before I could hand in my resignation. However, the celebrations were not to last.


Before I went to the trials. I continued to play football with players who seemed to go out of their way to cause me as much harm as possible.


The injuries eventually got so bad that I was never able to fulfil my dream, that Mark had offered, which was to train at a 1st or 2nd division professional football club.


Although I wasn’t smart enough to stop playing with those hooligans. I was smart enough to get private healthcare from Bupa, before notifying the doctor of my problems.


I now had access to some of the best specialists on the Bupa register in the UK.


I was fortunate to have my operation done by John King who was the surgeon to the players of Tottenham Hotspur football club.


I’d seen several specialists, had extensive physiotherapy but four operations later. The surgeons were unable to find the cause of the pain to my leg.


From Disaster To Fifa Agent And Now Game Over


There was really nothing more that could be done to either find the problem or fix it. Two surgeons from different hospitals had come to the same conclusion. They advised that I should not have any more operations.


Since 1999 to 2018 I’ve been unable to find a cure to the pain in my leg that prevented me from playing professional football. The only thing that has changed is the intensity of the pain.


The news hit me hard. This for sure put an end to what might have been a promising career in football.


I contacted Mark Steele and advised him of the unfortunate news. Although we have never met, I thanked him explicitly for taking a chance with me.

I sent him a pair of cuff links and a designer shirt, to express my appreciation, for the opportunity he gave me.


In 1999, it was rare for English football players to play well with both feet. They were either left or right footed. I was equally adept with both feet. I was naturally right footed and played left or right wing, but whatever I could do with my right foot, I could also do with my left.


That meant scoring goals, taking free kicks, corners, penalties and dribbling could also be done with both feet.


Hope… Life After Football and David Beckham


There were no English players during the time when I played as a young kid from 1992 until 2001 that could play with both feet.


As great as David Beckham was he could only play with his right foot.


Now that acting and football were the only things I could do well. It was clear that I wasn’t going to have a career in either of them. I wanted to try something new and decided to setup a business.


I wasn’t making much money as an accounts assistant. I would start work at 9am and still be there sometimes until 10pm without being paid for overtime. I did get to have pizza and claim it back on expenses.


I slowly began to get into debt and was the only person at the time in my house that was working. I came to the conclusion that, if I could work as many hours for myself as I did for my employer. Perhaps I could make more money and life would be a little easier at home.


The Start of A New Era And Learning Business The Hard Way


I started my first business in 2003. If I had discovered what I know now, about – The 10 Critical Marketing Mistakes Your Business Is Making And How You Can Improve Them – Save, Time, Cash And Increase Revenues. My business adventure would have been successful.


Anyway, I used my credit card to purchase electrical gadgets from China. I thought the products were really cool and would sell out fast. Boy did I get a shock when they went on the market.


Not only were sales disappointingly slow to almost non-existent. I still have some of those products up until 2015. I had no idea how to market the business.


The company that built the website were paid a monthly fee to get traffic. That didn’t work out. A lot of money got wasted and put me further into debt. I thought maybe the wrong products were being purchased, so I tried another manufacture. Sales never improved.


The only thing that seemed to change was the amount of money that I was loosing. I was sinking more and more into a deeper hole that was getting difficult to get out of.


The Web developer made matters worse with the poor marketing they were doing. Although I was working closely with one of their business development specialists, I had no choice other than for us to part ways.


I learnt a valuable lesson while I was sinking deeper into a hole, and that was. Web developers are not business growth specialists, nor do they understand how to get results in marketing.


They’re great at building websites, but they do not understand marketing strategies. They do not understand what characteristics make an ideal prospect.


They have no understanding of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) they do not know what it takes to produce winning campaigns. They don’t understand the concept of testing.


They’re unable to guide or produce a sales letter that moves a prospect, client or patient to take a specific call to action.


Business Fails And Puts Me Deeper Into A Hole


In the end I could no longer continue to pay the monthly fees with no return on investment. I eventually closed my company.


Plenty of mistakes were made when I went into business for the first time. I received poor advice, made poor decisions; worked with an underperforming company that didn’t know how to get results.

By 2005, I was in a hole with debts in excess of $45,000 (£30,000) and rising.


I had no idea how to get out of the mess I was in. I got a low paying job. The money would last for a few days and then I would be broke again until the following month.


Each day was a fighting struggle. Some days I would go to work with a sandwich, come home and go to bed without dinner. Such was the scarcity of cash.


I needed a way to improve my situation. It was impossible to continue like this. Taking empty sandwiches to work wasn’t much of a meal, and I was too afraid to use my credit cards, which was putting me further into debt.


2010 was the year when I discovered a new business idea. The plan was to sell automated car parking systems in London. Parking in central London is very limited. At the best of times it’s plagued with congestion.

I found a manufacture in South Korea that made the system. They were compact, technologically advanced with the potential to solve London’s congestion problem.


The idea seemed like a no brainer. I would somehow try to convince the bank to loan me the money, and be the person responsible for solving one of the biggest parking problems facing London’s capital. There was the added bonus of making an absolute killing too.


Finally I thought things might improve. I would have a real opportunity to get my family out of the poverty, that had blighted us for so many decades and pay all outstanding debts.


As great as the idea might have been, and as wonderful the automated car parking systems were. I had convinced the manufacture to allow my company to be the sole distributor in the UK, but there was a flaw within the plan.


I still hadn’t thoroughly understood marketing.


Although I had learnt some valuable mistakes from my previous business, I did know a little about SEO (search engine optimization) and using Google ad words. There was more I needed to understand before the business could become profitable.


The business didn’t work out so that too was closed down.


But There’s Light At The End of The Tunnel –
You’ll Discover Why It’s Important Never To Give Up


A few years later I was surfing the net trying to figure out how I could make some money, and solve the problems my family had.


The name Brendon Burchard popped up. It said in bold writing. Number 1 New York Times best selling author. I was curious.

What does one do to become a best selling author?


I started doing some research. Forbes had written an article about him. Brendon had a few books that were best sellers.


It got me thinking. My previous businesses failed because I had limited marketing knowledge. Brendon was an expert in this field and just like me. He had struggled long before he became successful.


If I were going to start another business I would need to learn the art of marketing and become well versed in the subject.


I began to consume as much information as I could about Brendon Burchard. I watched many of his videos, seminars and read his books. My greatest inspiration came from The Millionaire Messenger. You can get his book for free from here. http://millionairemessenger.com/index_jam.html



My research on Brendon led me to the other top marketing experts in the world. The information I was gathering provided me with a first class education in marketing.


It had taken me just over 21 years to find success. The year 2013 was when I became a hermit. Locking myself away from family and friends to learn from the best marketing minds the world has to offer.


I got the training programs they taught. I attended their seminars. I learnt the marketing strategies they used to amass hundreds billions of dollars. Many of the successful campaigns they mastered, I learned and also mastered.


The reason for my success in marketing is down to a few things.


I studied marketing strategies for years from the very best, and continue to be a student of marketing.


I have mentors that I listen to and follow their advice.


I did something that no one else new how to do or wanted to do, and that was, to get results for clients in advance.


The knowledge I’ve acquired over the years is priceless and will benefit your business?


Do you want to be stress-free while increasing your profits and revenues?


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Well, you can with Paul Jones as your business growth specialist. After watching this 13 minute video. If you decide to partner with Paul. Your business and life will change forever, using strategies that are proven to gets results.


I would like to thank you for taking the time and patience to read this page and getting to know who I am.


Although it’s longer than any other about us page you have read. I hope you found it entertaining and it has inspired you never to give up on your dreams.


No matter how long it takes you to find success. Never quit until you achieve your goals.


Love openly, be kind, and never give up.


Paul Jones